All Sizes of Area Rugs Cleaned

Would Aladdin have been as successful showing Jasmine a while new world on a dirty carpet? No. Don't invite your guests on a dirty rug or carpet. Get the clean area rug care you need with WC Scott Carpet Cleaning in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Rug, Area Rugs in Chesapeake, VA

Your Magic Carpet Ride to Clean

Cleaning prolongs the life of fibers. Our carpet cleaning experts analyze your cleaning needs to ensure we can provide you with carpet cleanings guaranteed to improve the appearance of your home or business.

When you come to us, your carpet and upholstery will look and smell new again. That's because our special cleaning process raises the carpet pile for that never-walked-on look that brings out shining, shimmering, splendid color tones. Allow our rug specialists to clean yours today.

We Regularly & Safely Clean These Rugs:

• Oriental
• Persian
• Bidjar
• Afshar
• Hatclu
• Moroccan
• Chinese
• Yamoud
• Tekke
• Beshir

Zero Shrinkage

When you choose us for your rug, you can rest assured our experts will grant you these three wishes: no shrinkage, no color running, and no walking on wet carpet. In fact, our service will give your carpet and upholstery the same consideration and care you did when you first picked it out.

Contact us in Chesapeake, Virginia, and trust your area rugs to our cleaning experts.